PTP Manufacturing opened its doors as a family-owned business in 1998. We carried our expertise and spirit of entrepreneurship from previous companies to begin our operation. During the past 20 plus years, we have continued to specialize in providing creative manufacturing services for the plastics industry.

Our commitment to customer service has allowed our company to grow, even in times of manufacturing downfall. In 2013 we were able to expand and open our facility located in New Berlin, Wisconsin.

Our success has stemmed from consistently providing top-notch products and not settling for less than 100% in all we do. Over the years, we have delivered quality and precision machining to a broad spectrum of customers.

 We use nothing but the best equipment and procedures in our work. Your satisfaction is our goal from the moment you provide us with your drawings and specifications to the day you hold the completed product in your hands. We look forward to meeting all of your plastic machining needs for a price you can afford.


PTP Manufacturing has been a valuable asset to our core business. PTP has been machining our injected molded parts for years. The quality of service and on-time delivery has been extraordinary. Don and his crew make the whole process of machining our parts seamless.

If your looking for quality work and completive pricing then PTP is the company your looking for.

Chris Scardina

Lewis Plastics Co., Inc.

For over 20 years we have never had a rejected part from PTP. They always deliver parts on time. Competitive prices and extremely friendly customer service.

Aleks Libigs
Plant Manager

The Molding Group, INC.

PTP Manufacturing’s commitment to Quality, Reliability, and Customer Service has made them an invaluable part of our supply chain. Whether it is ongoing jobs or new product, we have 100% confidence in their work, they truly are our best and go-to machinist.

Ed Stoginski

Materials Manager

AQ Matic Valve and Controls

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Injection Molding Companies Trust PTP Manufacturing for Secondary Machining Operations

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The benefits of using US based manufacturers

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