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PTP Manufacturing has been serving Eastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois for more than 20 years.  During this time we have developed a reputation as being one of the foremost plastics machining companies in the region.

Our commitment to the plastics industry is to deliver quality products at a fair price and on time.  We do this by looking for every opportunity to leverage our advanced CNC tools, staff, and knowledge to meet your needs.  What does the mean to our customers?  It means that we will look for ways to save you money without compromising the quality of your machined or turned plastic parts.

How do we deliver quality, on time, and at a fair price?  From the moment we first see your part’s specifications we look for ways to use custom tooling and fixtures to reduce machine cycle time and increase precision.  We consistently monitor your project as it runs.  We are as committed to the quality of your parts as you are of your products.

For more than two decades we have served a broad spectrum of customers with quality plastic machining and turning services.  Our customers have included leading companies in the agricultural equipment, water purification and control, hand tool, and many other industries.

Our promise to you remains to deliver quality parts, on time, and at a reasonable cost.  We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a competitive quote and serve your plastic machining needs.




Recent Posts

The benefits of using US based manufacturers

The benefits of using US based manufacturers

Have you ever considered the advantages of using US based manufacturers for your product’s components? This is a question that we get asked regularly, and we strongly feel that we, and other US based manufactures have a great deal to offer from the standpoints of value and quality. Even if your products or parts were not such in the Suez Canal there are many reasons to reliy on US production partners.

Save money and time with plastic part machining

Save money and time with plastic part machining

Do you need to deliver the highest quality products to your customers at the lowest possible cost? PTP Manufacturing is here to help you reach that goal with the intelligent application of plastics machining.

The Impact of Custom Fixtures and Tooling

The Impact of Custom Fixtures and Tooling

At PTP Manufacturing, our goal is to deliver quality parts at a fair price and on time. Many times this means getting creative and using our resources in new ways to accommodate a unique situation. An example of this was producing a tube housing prototype for a new water filter. The company had tried two other plastic machining vendors. Neither company was able to machine the raw tube stock to the required tolerances.


PTP Manufacturing has been a valuable asset to our core business. PTP has been machining our injected molded parts for years. The quality of service and on-time delivery has been extraordinary. Don and his crew make the whole process of machining our parts seamless.

If your looking for quality work and completive pricing then PTP is the company your looking for.

Chris Scardina

Lewis Plastics Co., Inc.

For over 20 years we have never had a rejected part from PTP. They always deliver parts on time. Competitive prices and extremely friendly customer service.

Aleks Libigs
Plant Manager

The Molding Group, INC.

PTP Manufacturing’s commitment to Quality, Reliability, and Customer Service has made them an invaluable part of our supply chain. Whether it is ongoing jobs or new product, we have 100% confidence in their work, they truly are our best and go-to machinist.

Ed Stoginski

Materials Manager

AQ Matic Valve and Controls

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