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PTP Manufacturing is a provider of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) turning services, specializing in plastics. We use CNC turning lathes to add value to both molded parts and raw plastic stock. Most of our turned products start out as plastic bar stock matching the material specifications of our customers. Our modern Mazak turning lathes can create a variety of threaded, tapered, bored or other shapes produced by turning, and as needed can be pre- or post-process machined or molded plastic parts.

Our Mazak machines can work with large and small stock and parts up to the following dimensions.

Mazak lathes material limits

Turning diameter = 280 MM
Turning length = 309 MM
6″ chuck
2″ bar capacity

What does this mean to you as a customer? Our CNC turning lathes are able to quickly change from one cutting tool to the next. This reduces the cycle time and therefore produces more parts in less time, saving you money. Your cost savings are done without compromising the quality or appearance of your part. Even though we use automation to cut out the potential of human error and produce your order, we continuously monitor the production run and sample your parts. This assures that your turned parts are never affected by tool wear or other factors that affect the quality you expect.

You receive the benefits of economical plastic part turning without compromising on quality. The machines at our facility are highly versatile and able to work with a number of different materials. We specialize in plastics, including PVC, glass-filled and nylon, but can work with almost any plastic material that you require.

MATERIALS LIST (Your material not on the list? Just ask!)

• GF (Glass Filled) DELRIN (MOLDED)
• GF (Glass Filled) NYLON (MOLDED)

• GF (Glass Filled) NORYL (MOLDED)
• GF (Glass Filled) PTFE
• ULTEM 1000

From the time we first see your plans, we are looking for opportunities to save you money by being efficient.  We often produce tooling and fixtures to reduce the cycle time.

Many of the plastic turning projects we perform are used in water treatment and control.  We offer NSF traceability through the sourcing and manufacturing process, so you have the documentation you require for your products.

We do not use cutting lubricants, so your parts arrive clean and free of chips or other contamination.  This will help you during assembly and any marking or printing processes you will use during production.

 We can also work with certain metals, such as some steels and brass.  While we specialize in plastics machining and turning, if you need metal parts independently, or as inserts to your plastic parts, we can be your one-stop shop for both.

PTP Manufacturing has worked with clients in many industries such as agriculture and water treatment and control, hand and pneumatic tools, and many more.

When it is time for you to request a quote, please use our “Request a Quote” form.  You may provide your part specification as a PDF drawing or Solidworks auto CAD (Computer-Aided Design) file. You can provide us with your drawings either physically or electronically whichever is most convenient for you. We have the flexibility of working with both metric and imperial measurements, depending on your preferences.

At PTP Manufacturing we know you have high standards for your parts. That is why we focus on using the most efficient and reliable processes and tools in the industry. We want to save you time, energy, and cost. Using CNC turning lathes means that we have flexibility in the materials we use and the capability to do complex turning to suit your needs. Whatever the size of your order, we will get the job done quickly without sacrificing accuracy or quality. You can depend on us to deliver quality and economical components for your products.

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