Here at PTP Manufacturing, we consider ourselves experts in plastics machining, but we are also experts in problem-solving. Customers often come to us when other vendors are unable to give them what they need. We often utilize our custom tooling and fixture capabilities to help solve these problems.

 A while back, a customer approached us with a unique problem. They needed a seed planting disk machined for an upcoming project. We designed a custom set of tools that incorporated drilling and chamfering into one step. By doing this, we cut the cycle time in half.

There was no need to drill and chamfer with two separate steps, as would typically be the case. We were able to increase efficiency without sacrificing quality, all to the financial benefit of the customer. Because we designed these bits for this customer, we have the drawings on file so that the more drills can be made as needed.  In this case, we provided the design and partnered with another vendor to produce the bits.  In the case of the fixture below, we designed and produced it.

(Fun Fact: Note the different sized bits; they are needed to accommodate the various seeds that the planter can plant.  Changing disks allows a single planter to plant corn, soybeans, or other crops)

 We were also able to take advantage of our custom tooling and machining for another customer. This client was desperate and came to us as a last resort. Two previous vendors had been unable to machine a part that met their specifications. This customer needed different diameters cut into two ends of plastic tubing.  Other vendors had tried milling the diameters into the ends of the tubes by circular interpolation. However, the material of the tubes was not rigid enough and moved during the milling process.

 Another factor was the inconsistencies in the tubes themselves. This resulted in design flaws. These parts had to be water-tight to accommodate caps that would be put on the ends of the tubing, so this was unacceptable. Our engineers teamed up with the customer and were determined to solve this problem and get the customer what they needed.

 Again we ended up creating custom tooling.  Instead of milling, we ended up machining tools that would hit the diameters at one time. We made 3 jaws to hold the tube. The longest filter tube length is 230” with the shortest being 10”. By doing this we were able to satisfy all of the customer’s needs.

 Manufacturing is not a simple, one-size-fits-all business. Customers come to us on a regular basis with unique situations that require us to think outside the box. The staff at PTP Manufacturing wants to accommodate every customer that comes to us with a project. We love to get our creative juices flowing and utilize our tooling and machining capabilities to deliver high-quality parts quickly into the hands of our clients. If you haven’t had success with other vendors, let us see what we can envision to bring your designs to life.